We take flavor mixing as form of art, a way to express ourselves. They represent our passion of exploring world of flavors, creating wild combinations and receptures. Our goal is to make complex and original recipes in all flavor segments (tobacco, fruit and dessert). Our most unique and famous recipes are result of testing out hundreds and hundreds different flavors and different brands from all over the world, picking out only best ones that suit our recipe.

That passion of flavor exploration is our first advantage over other companys.

Our second advantage is fact that we are not limited to one or two flavor manufacturers. Yes, that does make production more expensive but we have all world most famous manufactures at our disposal to make that perfect mix you will enjoy.

An English word Aeon (eon on Croatian) that originates from old Greek, has been thoughtfully chosen for a company name concerning the word’s meaning and relation to our products.

EON has several different meanings, firstly “vital force”, “generation”, “life” and later more widely accepted meaning of “long time period”, “timeless” and “forever”.

We believe that the word AEON perfectly captures and describes our goal in the sense of revolutionary product for revolutionary technology.

Also, we have the opportunity to partake and live in the period of revolutionary technological boom with emersion of a product that, according to all scientific research, contributes to smokers’ health and assists them in quitting smoking carcinogen industrial cigarettes.

Our quality is achieved and maintained through:

  • full acceptance of the highest standards in production of pharmaceutical and chemical products and through respecting good laboratory practice (although our products don’t belong to the category of medical products, medicines or medical products that facilitate intent to quit smoking),
  • verified and strictly controlled sources of substances from which the product is produced,
  • strict control of packaging material quality (all packaging is of pharmaceutical quality),
  • strictly defined procedures of pre-production and production process to ensure unified quality of each product,
  • defined storage conditions for the product to keep all quality and quantity attributes intact.

Our goal

Our goal is to acquire and maintain the prefix “super” in our line of “super premium” liquids where the prefix refers to both their quality and also multi-layered and complex aroma.

Furthermore, we are introducing to the market the super premium line of products that are of exceptional quality. In producing the super premium line, special attention is paid to absolutely all details and elements of production process and we do not accept nothing less than perfect. Due to rigorous testing of materials, formulas and final products together with constant research and advancements in production process, we produce top quality products.

During long-term research period and number of consulting sessions with top experts from different fields we have established the production process and determined protocols and formulas that are known only to two reliable persons in the company.

Our plan for the future includes expanding production facilities in order to meet continuously expanding demand for our products provided that the level of quality of our products is assured.


We are committed to create the best product possible through adapting our business activities to all advances in technology and technological processes which we continuously monitor.


To use the knowledge acquired through long and demanding research process to create super premium line of products, our motto being: we always provide more.

Who is behind the project

AEON d.o.o. is the result of enthusiasm and striving to release a new brand and new line of super premium quality products to the market.

The project itself began already in 2014. During period from 2014 to 2016 when the company was founded, we went through particularly detailed process of research, development and preparation concerning all aspects of the product, production process as well as product placement and distribution.

If you have any question dont hesitate to contact us via AEON Ltd. contact form.


Our products are not Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). They are not intended as a stop smoking aid, they are not medicine or medical product and AEON Ltd. IS NOT pharmaceutical company. All our Nicotine products are uset at your own risk – Not to be used by people under age od 18 – we accept no reponsibility for any harm that comes to you from using AEON Ltd. products.