Journey liquids

We are offering a unique opportunity to interested wholesale buyers to include our high quality products which are excellently accepted from our buyers in their assortment.

Our offer includes carefully selected and most sold products so it is therefore smaller in size compared to the offers of other producers, but this comes with a guarantee of balanced and standardized quality and excellent best buy assortment.

Our products are promptly available, it takes only few days before they are delivered to the specified address.

Except standard assortiment we can also offer:
– creation of new Journey premium mixes that will available only in your store
– creation of new premium mixes with your brand, design and logo
– if you have your own flavors (you are producer or importer) we can create special premium mixes using only your flavors.


Artificial Sweetners




Artificial Colouring


Food grade flavouring

In addition, our products don’t contain water, artificial colours or sweeteners. They contain exclusively bases and aromas from world-wide known, accepted and renown producers.

The question we are most often asked is how do we devise our recipes.

We don’t produce liquids that are compliant to our own preferences, but recipes according to preferences of our clients.

The process itself, from initial idea to realization, is rather long.

After the recipe is designed in a number of variations, test samples of all variations of each recipe are prepared and distributed to our test group that numbers around fifty users of personal vaporizer.

The above mentioned users that are differentiated based on 25 parameters related to their habits, equipment they use, flavours they prefer, grade received liquids with grades from 1 to 10. Each liquid variation with an average grade of 8 or higher is selected as a final product.

But in most cases, the process is more lengthy and complicated as rarely a first version of a liquid is satisfactory graded. More often best graded liquids are selected and improved before being sent again to retesting.

Naturally, personal tastes and preferences vary, but general directives for each recipe are the following:

  • each e-liquid should be an all-day vape , not to aggressive, tiring or boring,
  • each e-liquid should have flavour that is stable regarding quality on all available tanks,
  • each e-liquid should be complex and multi-layered so that more experienced users can discover new flavours with each following puff.


If you have any question dont hesitate to contact us via AEON Ltd. contact form.