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The quality of AEON d.o.o. recognized by the institutions of the European Union that support our project called: The quality of AEON d.o.o. recognized by the institutions of the European Union that support our project called:

“Investment in computerization of the company AEON” – KK.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Structural and Investment Funds in the financial period 2014-2020, specifically from the European Regional Development Fund, through the tender “Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of SMEs through information and communication technologies (ICT) – 2”. The project was approved in terms of improving the business and strengthening the company’s capacity, all to achieve the defined goals. In particular, with this investment, the company AEON has invested in the introduction of modern ICT solutions. The goal is to increase our competitiveness, which will create the preconditions for the growth of the physical volume of work, which will generate the need to retain existing and create jobs, along with revenue growth. In particular, the successful implementation of the project in question will lead to (among other things):

  • Revenue growth.
  • Preservation of existing and creation of new jobs.
  • Optimization of 9 business processes.
  • Increasing employee efficiency.
  • Reduction of maintenance and administration costs.
  • Acceleration of the production process.

The total value of the project is 301,068.00 HRK, of which 114,534.14 HRK is non-refundable.
The project implementation period is from November 20, 2019. – 20.11.2020

AEON d.o.o.
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10090 Zagreb

Contact person:

  • Hrvoje Šavor, director
  • Telephone number of contact person: +385 91 4477700
  • Contact email address: [email protected]

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